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What Our Patients Say


What others say about chiropractic care can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of Stynchula Wellness and Sports Rehab Center patient testimonials below and please Call us or Click here to email us your questions!

Yours in Health,

Dr. Andrew Stynchula


“Over the course of the several weeks, my chronic lower back pain has really started to decrease (I’ve also had knee & sciatica pain and the pain has lessened significantly since I started seeing Dr. Andy). The treatments and the exercises are helping to strengthen my core and alleviate the pain I’ve had for years. He is the first practitioner I’ve seen that has taken the time to explain how the way that I stand and move contribute to the issues. I would highly recommend Dr. Andy to anyone that needs help! His staff is great, too!” -C.S.

“I suffered a partially torn rotator cuff. After a cortisone shot and a shoulder MRI, my shoulder actually felt worse. I decided to see a chiropractor. When I started seeing Dr. Andy, I was experiencing constant pain in my shoulder and had trouble sleeping at night. Anytime I rolled over on my shoulder, I would wake-up. After 6 visits, I no longer feel the same pain and can actually sleep on the side of my bad shoulder at night without pain.” -S.F.

“Before I started coming in, I couldn’t sit in a chair or car for more than 30 minutes without pain. Just this past week, I attended an 8 hour marriage prep class where the only time out of my seat was to go to the bathroom. In the past, I would have been popping pills, cracking my back, smashing up coats to sit on, but I did not have one ounce of back pain for eight entire hours!” -L.J.

“I have seen Dr. Andy for a case of serious tension and stiffness in my upper back, shoulders and neck. Despite my history of involvement with sports, this had been caused by years of improper stretching, combined with many hours of poor posture at the computer. I have been pleased with his approach, and his belief in long term solutions. I know that I also need to take responsibility for some life style changes once his treatment is completed. I would definitely recommend Dr. Andy to others.” -Bob H.

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