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Sports Rehab


Our Goal

Our goal at Stynchula Chiropractic & Sports Rehab Center is to bring about proper and complete healing no matter the source of the injury or the duration. Our high success rate comes first from our knowledge of body mechanics and how everything moves and effects each other.

“The knee bone’s connected to the…

Decompensating, or peeling off layers of an onion, is often key to resetting a circuit the body has kept in to protect itself. This includes adjusting related bones and joints that are interrupting nerve flow to an area and keeping muscles tight.

Secondly, use of the latest aforementioned technology in combination with proven physical therapies and time tested techniques can speed healing as well as make the journey more comfortable. PNF, Active Isolated Stretching and Positional Release are a few examples that make an immediate and lasting difference with soft tissues.

We’ve found timing is everything when it comes to injury rehabilitation. Knowing what phase of healing is present is crucial in directing care and deciding what activities are prudent or not. Also, to convey what the patient should expect and make any necessary lifestyle or ergonomic alterations.


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