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Liz Schneider - Massage Therapist

Liz Schneider – Massage Therapist

Liz Schneider is a Certified Massage Therapist and most recent member of the Stynchula Wellness and Sports Rehab Center team. She is a graduate of the premier school the Costa Rica School of Massage Therapy which is both nationally and internationally certified. Liz learned from some of the best teachers in the nation and loves what she does. Liz was trained not only in Swedish and deep tissue massage, but a variety of introductory elements of trigger point therapy, Thai massage, and Shiatsu and she has also received her advanced Reiki certification. She pulls from a variety of modalities to treat pain patterns, promote relaxation and address individual discomfort in every session. Her own physical anomalies paired with her love for musculoskeletal anatomy drove her into the field of massage and bodywork.

She periodically appears on Fairfax Public Access radio, educating listeners about the impact of bodywork and her personal experiences with the human body. She also produces art of musculoskeletal anatomy.

Massage TherapyMassage Therapy60 Minute Deep Tissue Massage (ten FREE minutes)………..$95

60 Minute Swedish……….. $85

90 Minute Massage…………$135

30 Minute Massage…………$55

Available 8:30am- 7:30pm Monday-Friday
8:30am-12pm Saturday

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