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Our Chiropractic Approach

Our approach to health at Stynchula Wellness and Sports Rehab Center is chiropractic in its purest definition, holistic care stressing the patients overall well-being.

Our goal is to release the pressure from the tender nerves, joints, and muscles treating the problem at its core while building the body’s resistance to disease and injury. To reach this optimal health, we take into account that the affected area can be influenced by exercise, sleep, diet, environment, and heredity customizing our treatment plan accordingly to the patient’s needs.

Fairfax Sports Rehab

Dr. Stynchula has worked with all types of patients and athletes for almost 20 years utilizing proven techniques with the latest rehab and preventative advances:

“Whether you are a weekend warrior or one of those über athletes, the stress that is put on your body during activity can harm the balance of the body producing aches, pains, misalignment, strains, pulls, and eventually cause serious soft tissue damage and joint disease.

I target these problems with both rehab and preventive plans that are systematic and holistic with the proper recovery period to get you back into balance and on your feet with more spring in your step. You can be confident that your condition was treated at the root and not just the overlaying symptoms.”

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